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Subject : eMAR Events - 23/05/2015

PIANC SMART Rivers Conference, 7 September 2015, Argentina
The SMART Rivers Conference is a biennal forum bringing together those involved in river transport form developing and developed countries in the world.  As from 2011, SMART Rivers is placed under the umbrella of PIANC, the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure.

Global Liner Shipping Asia 2015, 10 September, Singapore
Steering a course to sustainability in the container industry. Strategies for collaboration, overcoming excess capacity and achieving further containerisation. Container industry's experts tackle the toughest challenges in the industry.

JOC Container Trade Europe Conference, 23 September 2015, Hamburg Germany
The Conference aims to provide major users of container shipping services with an overall understanding of the major challenges and global environment that they and their logistics vendors face when moving containerized cargo into and out of Europe and around the world.

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