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Subject : eMaritime Eventsfor 12th February

14/05/2013 - IMDEX Asia, May 2013, Singapore

IMDEX Asia includes two high level conferences: IMSC 2013 (International Maritime Security Conference) will bring together Chiefs of Navy and Directors-General of Coast Guard around the world to discuss threats to maritime security and safety, as well as develop frameworks and solutions to deal with the security challenges that threaten and disrupt sea lines of communication.

INEC@IMDEX Asia 2013 i(International Naval Equipment Conference) s organised by Experia Events Pte Ltd in association with the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST) and supported by the Republic of Singapore Navy. It is the inaugural Asian edition of the International Naval Engineering Conference (INEC), which has been held in Europe since the early 1990s


23/04/2013- IEEE Electric Ship Symposium, Arlington, USA

The ESTS 2013 will focus on electric ship technologies in areas such as - : Integrated Electric Power Systems, System Architecture,  Design tools for analysis, synthesis, modeling & simulation,  Electric Propulsion (Machines, Drives, Propulsors), Electrical Power Conversion,  Distribution and Energy Storage,  Power Quality and Impact of Pulsed Power Loads  Protection, Reconfiguration and Survivability
Tests, Evaluation and Certification Integration of Pulsed and High Power Loads Power System Control Methods and Architectures


02/10/2013 - Marine Electrical and Control Systems Safety Conference (MECSS), October 2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Delivering integrated, dependable, safe and reliable systems . Topics include: Electrical, Control and Software Safety Management ; System Design Supporting Safe Systems ; Operation and Maintenance;  Technology;  Training and Awareness

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