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EMAR   Project overview
D1.1 Stakeholder needs analysis and market surveys V0.1
Annex 1 – survey questionnaires V0.1
Annex 2 – survey analysis V0.1
Annex 3 – survey responses tables V0.1
D1.2 Policy Legal and Standardisation Requirements Analysis Report_V2_Final
D1.3 e_Maritime_Strategic_Framework_Specification_V3_Final
D2.1 eMAR Ecosystem
D2.2 Connectivity and Information Management
D3.1 eMAR_D3 1_Shipping eMaritime Solutions_Final
D3.2 eMAR_D3.2_Transport Logistics e-Maritime Solutions _Final
D3.4 eMar_D3.4_Port e-Maritime Solutions_Final
D4.1 e‐Maritime services supporting interactions with Class, Safety, Security and Environmental risk management systems
D4.3 Interfacing e‐Maritime with SSN and related developments

Annex D - Guide for the implementation of SSN/ NSW – related e-Maritime services and the interoperability of these services with National and EU systems
D4.5 Specification of National Single Windows – Part 1 ‐ EU Maritime Single Window development

Specification of National Single Windows – Part 2 ‐ The Latvian National Single Window system
D4.6 e-MAR NSW application_Final
D5.1 Website, Intranet and observatory
D5.3.2 e‐Maritime Forum and Dissemination Programme: Year 3

e‐Maritime Forum and Dissemination Programme
D5.5 eMAR_D5.5 Standardisation
D5.7.10 e-Maritime Optimisation
D5.7.11 e-Maritime + e-Navigation
D5.8 e‐Maritime Conference Report
D5.10 eMAR_D5.10_Concertation Report_Final
D5.11 Impact Assessment November 2014

Click here for a EC report on current challenge facing the maritime industry and summaries of research and innovation initiatives.

This brochure, published by the European Commission, offers a snapshot of research projects funded under the EU’s Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Research Framework Programmes in the waterborne transport domain. It gives an overview of the challenges facing waterborne transport, but most of all of Europe’s response: research and innovation that assure a competitive European waterborne industry, greener ships, safe waterborne transport, and sound ways of dealing with accidents, oil spills and ship dismantling

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