EMAR has the following objectives, to provide:
1. An e-Maritime Strategic Framework - a target operational model for Maritime Transport (i.e. a description of processes, actors, rules, information flows and other domain entities) pertaining to common industry interests (positioning, innovation, sustainability performance) and business benefits (efficiency and quality) to be realized in the short or long term.

An e-Maritime Platform: a comprehensive software infrastructure to support the management and implementation of the e-Maritime Strategic Framework by providing:

a repository (a storeroom) from where e-Maritime Applications and Services may be downloaded,

a ‘run-time’ environment that supports operation and interaction of the e-Maritime Applications

a software development environment for production of additional e-Freight Applications and to integrate them with existing ones.


A broad range of typical e-Maritime services such as security and safety management, legislation and regulation compliance, shipping, port operations, and transport logistics.

The above will be part of and evolve into the next generation e-Maritime infrastructure aimed at maintaining cohesion between EU Policy and Business Processes (represented by the e-Maritime Framework) and e-Maritime Applications by maintaining relationships as shown in the following diagram.

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